Ecdysterone—For the aquaculture industry

Ecdysterone--For the aquaculture industry

Ecdysterone is a kind of natural steroid compound with insect ecdysone activity, and many medicinal plants contain ecdysterone, among which the β-ecdysterone content of Cyanotis Arachnoidea is relatively high. It can be used in aquaculture, aquaculture, cosmetics and health care products. This article focuses on natural ecdysterone used in aquaculture.

【Product introduction】

The periodic molting of shrimps and crabs is one of the physiological characteristics of crustaceans, and molting is initiated and regulated by b-ecdysone. The b-ecdysterone contained in the dew grass extract can promote the molting of shrimps and crabs, accelerate the growth of shrimps and crabs, so that farmers can obtain greater economic benefits.


Shrimps and crabs have slow shelling, slow growth, loss of appetite, and decreased resistance.

【Characteristics and functions of Ecdysterone】
  1. Shrimps and crabs can be shelled in time to remove harmful parasites from the body, thereby accelerating their growth.
  2. Promote metabolism and protein synthesis in the body, and enhance stress resistance.
  3. Significantly improve the consistency of shrimp and crab shelling, effectively avoid killing each other, and greatly improve the survival rate.
  4. Contains bactericidal and antibacterial ingredients, which can effectively improve the ability of shrimp and crab to resist diseases.
【Usage and dosage of Ecdysterone】

Add 1kg of Ecdysterone per ton of feed

How to use: Mix with feed evenly and then feed.
Prevention: Use 2-3g ecdysone per 1kg feed. Once a month.
Treatment: Use 4-5 g of ecdysone per 1 kg of feed. Use for 5-7 days.


  1. After the ecdysone is evenly mixed with the feed, it can stick to the feed by spraying a small amount of water.
  2. Disposal measures for waste packaging: centralized incineration.
【Aquaculture Application Instructions】

Ecdysterone is the main raw material. In practical applications, farmers can directly buy ecdysone and add it to the feed. The general ratio is 0.1%. They can also buy Ecdysterone-containing feed for feeding. Both methods can be used. But please note that it must be Ecdysterone extracted from natural plants.

【Knowledge of common shrimp and crab shelling elements】

Main ingredients: It is refined from crustaceans—shrimp and crab shelling, ecdysterone, sterol and other Chinese herbal medicines that are necessary for growth and development to promote shelling and growth. The main component is also ecdysone.

Application in sericulture breeding: It is used to shorten the age of silkworms, make the clusters neatly, and promote silk spinning and cocoon formation.

【Usage and Dosage】

Each silkworm seed (about 20,000 silkworms) is dissolved in 40mg of a small amount of hot water (or a small amount of white wine), then add 2kg of water, stir well, and evenly sprinkle it on 12-15kg of mulberry leaves to feed silkworms.

【Other applications of Ecdysterone】
  1. Cosmetic application: Ecdysterone can be used as a special additive acts on the human body to promote collagen synthesis, promote cell growth, and stimulate dermal cell division. It is a natural cosmetic skin repair additive. Generally, the high-purity Ecdysterone is used after special treatment. It is a white crystalline powder or colorless transparent crystal, with a single component, no allergic reaction to the skin, and strong permeability.
  2. The application of Ecdysterone in agriculture: It can affect all developmental stages of insects from hatched larvae to adults, so it controls or kills agricultural pests, and is also developed and applied as a pesticide.
  3. Ecdysterone also has some effects on the physiological process of crops, and it also has a good development and application prospect in the aspect of crop yield adjuvant.
  4. The application of ecdysterone in the human body: it has the functions of regulating blood sugar and blood ester, promoting collagen synthesis, anti-arrhythmia, anti-fatigue, regulating blood sugar, promoting cell growth and stimulating dermal cell division.

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