White Kidney Bean Extract

White Kidney Bean Extract

Active Ingredients: phaseolin, a-amylase inhibitor protein
Appearance: Off-white fine powder
Test method: TLC, UV
Sample: 10-20g for free
Certificates: ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, KOSHER


Obesity problem is troubled people in modern life, this is not surprising, even be a social problem gradually. As the main active ingredient of a-amylase inhibitor protein, white kidney bean extract could control dietary supplements on the body composition of overweight subjects, It has been proved that α – amylase inhibitor has a very strong ability to inhibit the conversion of amylase hydrolyzed starch into carbohydrates. For this effect, White kidney bean extract is widely used on health care products, functional foods, liquid beverage & solid beverage and pets food, which is products formed by meal replacement, drinks, snack food, cakes and pastries, dairy products, and meal products on the market.

KS services a lot of customers who are manufacturers of healthcare products, they use this natural ingredient is mainly added in the formula of body management to lose weight. And we have US and Europe warehouses with enough stock, top quality, and competitive prices. That’ll help our customers save costs and avoid Custom Clearance. If you are interested in this product, welcome to contact us!

White kidney bean extract benefits

1. The active ingredients in white Kidney beans can reduce the body’s absorption of carbohydrate calories, so as to control the body. The α-amylase inhibitor protein has the function of regulating blood sugar and is a high-quality healthy food raw material. It is good food for diabetes sicker.
2. Lose weight and help to strengthen the function of the kidney and spleen. By inhibiting their digestion, the starch consumed is either left undigested in the intestine or the amount digested is reduced, to lose weight and prevent fat accumulation. Also widely added in the low-calorie meal replacement powder, it can meet the basic nutrition and taste that humans need and can achieve the effect of weight loss on the basis of fullness.

COA of White kidney bean extract

COA of White Kidney Bean Extract

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