Mushroom extract

Mushroom extract

The market demand for medicinal mushrooms has grown substantially in recent years, mainly based on their effects on immune maintenance. KS Nutripharma specializing in Mushroom extract for 10years, pls check the below to get the details.




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The mushroom extract is popular in the market because of the function of Immunity support, especially during pandemics, such as Reishi mushroom, Lion’s mane mushroom, Chaga mushroom, and so on. Most Mushroom is our daily food, do you know the benefits of mushroom extract? Here are the points as follows:

1. Immune Support
Immune support is one of the most central roles of mushroom ingredients. From the vast majority of mushrooms, various polysaccharides found can regulate the immune function of the human body in both directions. In addition, there are active substances such as terpenes, enzymes, and unsaturated fatty acids, which are of great significance in stimulating the activity of human immune cells.

2. Brain Health
Brain health supplements are another major application direction for mushroom ingredients, and the main ingredient used in this category is Hericium Erinaceus. Hericin in Hericium Erinaceus can promote the activity of nerve growth factor (NFG) synthesis, which plays a role in maintaining the homeostasis of brain nerves, can effectively optimize the brain’s nervous system, and enhance cognitive function and memory.

3. Adaptogens
Adaptogens are a class of raw materials that enhance the body’s ability to respond to biological, chemical, and physiological stressors. The most common adaptogenic mushroom ingredients are mainly Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps Sinensis, the active ingredients in these two mushrooms can naturally increase the body’s energy and stamina, improve the body’s immunity, and help reduce stress and fatigue.

KS Nutripharma focuses on natural ingredients for years with top quality and completed certificates, also we have enough stock in US and Europe Warehouses to supply our customers. Stable supply and excellent service have enabled us to win long-term cooperation with many famous brand customers, pls feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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