Pitaya powder

Pitaya powder

Another name: Dragon fruit powder
Appearance: Redish powder
Mesh size: 80 Mesh or 100Mesh
Grade: Food ingredients
Active ingredients: Dietary Fiber, Vitamins, Anthocyanidins
US warehouses: 500kg in stock
Certifications: ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, KOSHER



Pitaya powder is rich in vitamins C and B, magnesium, zinc, iron, fiber, and antioxidants, to name a few. It has the effects of weight loss, lowering blood sugar, moisturizing the intestine, and preventing colorectal cancer. It May improve the balance of good bacteria in your gut and helps with digestion and assist in enhancing the health of your hair, skin, and nails. Dragon fruit not only tastes sweet but also has high nutritional value. It combines the advantages of fruits, flower buds, vegetables, and medicine. Not only is it rich in nutrients and unique in functions, but it also has few pests and diseases, and it can grow flat without using any pesticides. Therefore, dragon fruit is a green, environmentally friendly fruit and a healthy nutrient food with a certain curative effect.

KS Nutripharma red pitaya powder has no added additive, retaining its mildly sweet flavor and all its nutritional benefits. This convenient powder on the go blends well into anything you can imagine! We focus on natural ingredients for 15 years, high quality and strict control system make us has a lot of customers who believe in us and choose us to establish a long-term relationship. For this ingredient, we have enough stock in US warehouses to support the North American market, pls contact us if you are looking for this powder.

Dragon fruit powder is rich in nutrients and has unique functions. It contains vegetable albumin and anthocyanin, which are rare in general plants, and rich in vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber. As a dietary supplement, the oligosaccharides contained in Pitaya powder promote intestinal health and correct gastrointestinal motility disorders.

What are the advantages of our products?

1. From freshly picked fruits and vegetables, finely ground, with zero additives. It retains the original taste of the ingredients and is nutritious and healthy.
2. The powder is fine and even and easy to knead. The color is clear and bright without smearing. The color and taste are mellow and natural.
3. Wide range of uses, can be matched with food as you like.

Pitaya powder is perfect for mixing into your favorite yogurts, smoothies, desserts, and baked goods. Bring on the exotic pink color and add some creative coloring to your next dish! Dragon fruit mixes really well with most fruits and other vegan ingredients. This recipe gives you an idea of how to prepare a healthy and tasty smoothie quickly and easily. Here is a way to eat this powder—Simple Dragon Fruit Smoothie.


* 1 teaspoon dragon fruit powder
* 1 banana
* A cup of blueberries
* A cup of soy milk
* Sweeteners to taste

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