Garcinia cambogia extract

Garcinia cambogia extract

Appearance: Off-white to light yellow powder
Active ingredient: Hydroxycitric acid(HCA)
Specification: 20%, 50%, 60%
Test Method: hplc
Certification: ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, KOSHER


Garcinia Cambogia extract contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), which can help support healthy weight loss. Garcinia is a plant native to India, Southeast Asia and Polynesia. Its fruits have been eaten by local populations for centuries. It has many different health benefits but the most appealing is its ability to suppress the appetite. This benefits the one dieting because they eat less but continue to provide their bodies with sufficient energy, which contributes to the body breaking down all the fat cells. It also blocks an enzyme, citrate lyase, which converts carbohydrates into fat and sugars. So now any fat consumed will never make it to the cells but instead is passed with the excess waste.

With the rapid development of the economy, obesity has increasingly become a social problem that plagues most people. Weight loss products are also on the rise, and these supplements work through five basic mechanisms: stimulating thermogenesis, reducing lipogenesis, increasing lipolysis, suppressing appetite, and reducing lipid absorption. In these nutritional supplements, the use of plant extracts is becoming more and more common. Garcinia cambogia extract is one such example, one of the popular weight loss ingredients in the US and Japan.

Garcinia cambogia extract for weight loss

1). Regulation of leptin, reduces appetite.
2). Promote metabolism and increase calorie consumption.
3). Increase fat burning and decomposition, and reduce body fat content.
4). Reduce the conversion of glucose into triglycerides and fat storage in the body.
5). Maintain normal blood lipid.
6). Contains fiber to promote intestinal health.

Regulations on Garcinia Cambogia

* Garcinia cambogia extract is a healthy functional food raw material in Korea; recommended intake: 750~2800 mg/d (calculated as (-)-hydroxycitric acid).
* Garcinia cambogia is a new, non-traditional food ingredient in Australia and New Zealand.
* In India, the allowable daily dosage of Garcinia Cambogia raw material for adults: 1~2 g (subject to raw herbs/raw materials)

COA of Garcinia cambogia extract

COA of Garcinia cambogia extract

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