Microcapsules Series

Microcapsules Series



Microcapsules Series is a kind of using natural or synthetic polymer embedding material to embed active nutrients in a micro-shell, forming a kind of diameter in the range of 1-5000μm to protect or control the release of active substances. Due to the poor water solubility, easy degradation under high temperature and other conditions, and poor stability in the gastrointestinal tract of some natural ingredients, their bioavailability is ultimately low, which limits their application in nutritional and health products. In order to improve the bioavailability of such components, it is necessary to select suitable formulations according to different application requirements to improve the stability and bioavailability, so that they can be better released and transported in the body. KS uses advanced microencapsulation technology and food-grade nutritional ingredients as embedding materials to effectively encapsulate fat-soluble functional ingredients to make water-dispersible nutritional lipid microcapsule powder, including CWS, CWD and Beadlets products.

Microencapsulation technology originated in the 1950s, because this technology can mask the bad odor, improve stability, and reduce irritation to the body, then it is widely used in the field of medical technology. KS Nutripharma microcapsule stabilization technology is widely used in the production of carotenoids and functional lipid components. The capsule shell automatically dissolves and releases nutrients, which are easily absorbed and utilized by the body. In this field, KS Nutripharma supply goods all over the world for years, except for a lot of experience, our goods are guaranteed quality, and we have complete certificates and US warehouses. pls, contact us if you have any questions.

Water Soluble Test of Lutein Ester 10%

Microcapsules Series Benefits
1. Masking bad smell, taste and color. And protect nutrients from the damage of external bad factors. (Such as light, air, temperature, humidity, PH, etc.)
2. No loss of nutrients and High absorption and utilization. The nutrients are resistant to gastric acid damage and reach the small intestine and are easily absorbed.
3. Control the targeted or slow release of nutrients, Increase the efficacy and prolong the action time.

Microcapsules Series Supplier

KS Mircrocapsule product specification sheet

Mircrocapsule specification sheet - KS Nutripharma


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