Q&A About Natural Astaxanthin

Q&A About Natural Astaxanthin

1 The cultivation steps of Haematococcus pluvialis for natural astaxanthin?
Step1. The indoor stage is green algae, mainly for cell reproduction.
Step2. When the number and size of cells reach a certain level, they are distributed to the outdoor pipe reactor to accumulate astaxanthin through photosynthesis.

Due to the high requirements for light, our products are all farmed and processed in Yunnan.

Cultivation time: about 10 days in summer and 15 days in winter.

2 How much astaxanthin is generally cultivated for Haematococcus Pluvialis? How is the content controlled?
–The main thing is to observe the weather. In summer, the temperature is high. During the sampling process, it is determined whether it can be harvested.

–High content of astaxanthin is generally the best harvest season from November to March of the next year.

3 How long does it take from cultivating algae to shipping?
Counting from green algae, about 1 month.

4 Storage conditions of natural astaxanthin
–If stored for a long time, it should be stored refrigerated (below – 4℃). For short time, with its original package at room temperature stored for one month will be no problem.

–If open for sampling, it must be operated under a sterile environment, and then vacuum packed. (Because if secondary packaging is not well, it may be easily oxidized, and microorganisms out of limits.)

5 Some people think that natural astaxanthin powder has poor fluidity and high viscosity?
This may be the case with ordinary powders, because astaxanthin powders are complete cells, and poor fluidity indicates that the cells are mature. If there is a requirement for liquidity, you can choose CWS, CWD products.

6 The flow chart of Astaxanthin Oil
Natural Pluvialis algae powder→Solid-liquid separation→Dry→Broken→Wash→First drying→Granulation→Secondary drying→CO2 supercritical extraction→Filter→Vacuum concentration→High purity astaxanthin oil→Package

7 The flow chart of Astaxanthin Powder
Mass cultivation of haematococcus pluvialis→Haematococcus Pluvialis liquid→The harvest of haematococcus pluvialis→Cleaning and concentration→Concentration the liquid→Spray drying→Make powder dry→Quality inspection→Packing→Haematococcus Pluvialis finished→Save and preserve→Deliver from godown

8 The oxidation process of Natural Astaxanthin powder

8.The oxidation process of Natural Astaxanthin powder

9 The changing process of Natural Astaxanthin powder in water

The changing process of Natural Astaxanthin powder in water

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