Stability test of lutein at room temperature

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Lutein has poor stability and is mainly affected by factors such as oxygen, light, heat, metal ions, pH, etc. Therefore, notice should be paid to airtight vacuum or inert gas packaging during storage, avoiding light and storing at low temperature. In order to show the oxidation process of lutein to our customers more intuitively, we did a stability test of lutein powder with different specifications at room temperature, that is Stability test of lutein at room temperature.

The first stage

We sample the standard lutein powder 20%, 10%, 5% respectively, please note that the higher the content of lutein, the heavier the color will be.

Stability test of lutein powder--Step 1
The second stage

The pictures of the first stage samples after being placed at room temperature for two days are recorded below, we can see that the powder of each specification has faded to varying degrees. This is evidence of being oxidized in air.

Stability test of lutein powder--Step 2
The third stage

After another two days, we came to the third stage. The lutein in the third stage has a more obvious discoloration reaction, which proves the fact that lutein is not stable.

Stability test of lutein powder--Step 3
The last stage

We poke through each size of the powder and found that the air-isolated powder oxidized less than the outer powder that was completely exposed to air.

Stability test of lutein powder--Step 4

The above simple small test more intuitively helps us prove to customers that lutein powder is not stable. Therefore, we will remind customers to save them every time when delivering. Hope this article will help you. KS Nutripharma is specializing in eyecare ingredients for years, we stable supply to US market and set up warehouses in the US and Europe with top quality and completely certificates, if you have any questions about lutein, please contact us.

Here is our test with detailed date for you as a reference:

KS Nutripharma: Stability Analysis Of Lutein Powder

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